Fields of Law

Law casts such a wide net over so many aspects of society that few, if any, law offices will or should attempt to take on every case that might possibly presented to them. Clients are welcome to bring legal needs of all kinds to the attention of The Law Office of Sage J. Teton LLC for a consultation as to whether a given case is a good fit.

If not, a more appropriate referral might be made. Among the numerous fields of law that are handled in this office are:

Health Care Law. Dealing with any of the wide variety of legal issues that can confront patients and their families in the American health care system calls for a specialized attorney who knows how the system works. Sage Teton can help you navigate through legal tangles that can arise with hospitals, care providers, health insurers, medical malpractice, the Oregon Death With Dignity Act, and claims and benefits associated with employee and workers’ compensation benefits, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.    

Estate Planning. Sage Teton has experience in Estate Planning for all populations including same-sex couples. She can create a durable power of attorney to allow someone you trust to handle your financial affairs, should you become incapacitated, and an advanced directive and healthcare proxy to help your family work with your healthcare team to carry out your wishes. She can also work with you to create a will or trust in favor of the people and organizations you choose and help you protect your assets through probate and trust administration.

Elder Law. Unique legal issues arise in the context of growing older. Sage’s substantial experience working with the elderly renders her law practice especially well-suited to handling the legal needs of her older clients and their loved ones, including such matters as grandparent’s rights, elder abuse, age discrimination, nursing home claims, and guardianships or guardianship avoidance, in addition to Estate Planning and Health Law matters (see above).

Family Law. Sage assists clients with adoptions and paternity determinations, dissolutions of marriages and domestic partnerships, child & spousal support, and restraining and stalking orders.

Bankruptcy & Consumer Protection.
Sage is passionate about assisting consumers who have not been treated fairly by creditors or sellers of products and can help with unlawful debt collection practices, identity theft, false credit reports and debt collector harassment. As a member of the Federal Bar for the District of Oregon, she is also available to help with filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Non-profit Law. Like their for-profit counterparts, non-profit corporations must abide by many rules and regulations on a state and federal level. These entities also must take additional considerations into account in order to maintain tax-exempt status. Sage can counsel you as to how to set up and administer your non-profit properly to avoid difficulties with state laws and and the Internal Revenue Service so that you can carry on your work safely and efficiently.

Residential Landlord-Tenant Law: Sage is available to assist landlords and tenants with interpreting Oregon’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, handling evictions and defending against them, drafting residential leases, negotiating damage disputes, and assessing habitability issues.