The Law Office of Sage J. Teton, LLC welcomes Oregonians seeking legal assistance of many kinds, including Health Law, Elder Law, Family Law, Estate Planning, Consumer Protection and BankruptcyNon-Profit Corporations and Residential Landlord-Tenant Law.

Please feel free to browse this website or to call or e-mail Sage Teton for a consultation as to whether a given case is a good fit.

The logo for The Law Office of Sage J. Teton, LLC is the West African symbol Dwennimmen, which translates to “ram’s horns” and represents the importance of balancing strong action with gracious humility.

A ram can deploy tremendous power with his horns but does so only when dominance or survival are on the line, not in mindless attacks. In this law practice, skillful, forceful action is exercised in the passionate defense of clients’ interests, not to humiliate, intimidate, or disrespect others.

Excellence in legal representation requires humble respect for legal complexity to ensure that careful research and legal reasoning are not tripped up by habitual, knee-jerk, or unnecessarily aggressive cookie-cutter tactics.

Clients can rest assured that these values render the power of legal representation projected from this office all the more effective.



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